"A useful combination of exercise & personal insight, fantastic venue"

Ann McCracken, Northern Region Communications Manager, O2 

"They (Life Survival staff) motivated every last one of us to extend ourselves far beyond the norm, to look after our team members and not be mad when they weren’t the fastest or toughest but to be proud that the slowest had finished”

Deborah Smith, Hair Stylist, Bedfordshire

"Life Survival has helped me realise my true potential and also see the potential in others. Strength is both mental and physical. I am now living my life and chasing my dreams instead of going around on the same old roundabout of life"

Andy Peace, Electrician, Doncaster 

"Life Survival is an inspirational organisation that captivates the imaginations of all who take part in the survival challenge. As well as all the skills we were taught I felt we had the opportunity to escape from our everyday lives and experience a very unique and motivational event. Life Survival has encouraged me to grow mentally, as well as physically, and insipred me to seize every opportunity that comes my way.  My adventure did not end that weekend it has only just begun."

Louise Kennedy, 27, Trainee Forensic Psychologist 

"An incredable weekend that challenged the way you look at life."

Anonymous, Nottingham 

"A real eye opener"

Andy Noble, Liverpool

"A challenging wonderful experience and was pleased to have completed it. It was a chance in a life time with beautiful views. Leaders were very supportive and encouraging."

Betty Fletcher, 62


"A brilliant experience that everyone should do."

Kerry Dwan, Liverpool


Leonora Hanson, Nurse, Wigan

"I couldn't recommend the challenge more highly. Thought provoking, life changing and something quite simply everyone, whatever their age, creed, class or job should do. The world would be a better place if we all had that experience. The Special Forces guys are all an amazing mix of strong and tough characters but with a rare combination of warmth integrity, pragmatism and humour which motivates, inspires and captivates. The event was well organised, intelligently planned and attracts decent people who naturally bond and work together well. If you want to make an impact on the morale or productivity of your organisation take part and help a very worthwhile charity at the same time!"

Geraldine McEntegart, Director, Merseyside

"Thank you for the incredible Secret Agent Experience. I have attended and hosted many corporate entertaining events but certainly not like this. The experience is exciting, interactive and certainly opened my eyes to a world far removed from my own. The Life Survival staff are extremely friendly, professional and very quickly build a trusting bond with the "agents". The hotel is elegant, the training is fun and the mission is intelligent, fast and well planned. All in all, it is a tremendous experience I would have no hesitation in recommending to others.

It’s definitely an experience I’ll never forget."

Roger Sutton, Joint MD, Cheshire