A picture speaks a thousand words

Staff at Life Survival were delighted to receive thank you notes from pupils at a girls school in Derbyshire who attended a military themed weekend camp. The 16 pupils, accompanied with 3 teachers, got to grips with survival training, navigation, abseiling, rock climbing and military drills, as well as sleeping under bashas they built themselves.

The effort the pupils committed was tremendous to see and their enthusiasm was outstanding. It's safe to say the Directing Staff enjoyed the experience as much as the pupils.

To have received the thank you notes is greatly appreciated by everyone at Life Survival and deserved to be shared with others on this site.

Scaling new heights on Tryfen


The Snowdonia National Park has much more to offer than the highest mountain in England and Wales. There's the lesser know but much more interesting Tryfen mountain to scale.

Shaped like a sharks fin walkers can take the more steady south side or for the more adventurous walker the north face, with its steep but easy to climb steps. And on Saturday 25th June you’ll get the chance to witnesses the best of what Snowdonia has to offer with our Adam & Eve Tea Party.

The majestic Tryfan rises from the Ogwen valley to 3,020 feet (915 metres). The mountain is one of the most popular in Snowdonia because of its unusual shape, stunning views and undisturbed treks; and, of course, Adam and Eve - the famous twin pillars at the summit.

Life Survival's Directing Staff will lead you up the classic ridge, which produces challenges and changing views, before sitting down for an afternoon tea party at the summit with fun, like-minded people.

Afterwards, driving down the Ogwen valley will never be the same as you say "I've climbed that!"

Sign up now for the enjoyable walk and a Great British tradition in the unrivalled British countryside by RSVP to info@life-survival.com or 01909-731743.

The cost is £70 per person and includes food at end of walk.

Do something different this summer

We’ve said goodbye to the many bank holiday weekends April kindly gave us, but there’s plenty to still look forward to. Life Survival is offering people the opportunity to escape the routine of life, doing something different and have fun.

Adventurous people are being asked to sign up for a Special Forces Survival weekend from 6pm on Friday 5th August to 2pm on Sunday 7th August. Working with a team of former Special Forces Troops you will spend two days and nights as a Special Forces Patrol were they’ll teach you some of the skills that made them the most renowned soldiers in the world.

This event is perfect for people wanting to raise funds for their favourite charity or a company looking for a team building programme for staff. The cost is £210 for individuals or you can agree to raise a minimum amount of £350 for charity. Rations, full military clothing, kit and equipment provided.

This event is perfect for companies with a strong social responsibility policy looking for events to support their community and reap the benefits of team building activities.

Tri-athletes descend on Sefton for UK's largest community triathlon

Hundreds of tri-athletes, whose age ranged from 7 to 74 years old, competed in this year's John Hulley Sefton Triathlon, an event sponsored by Life Survival.

More than 800 people descended on Crosby waterfront on Saturday 25th June to take part in the 10th annual community triathlon.  Some had travelled from as far as Southampton and London, with schools travelling from as far as Shropshire and Manchester to compete.

Participants happily stepped up to the challenge of the 150m swim, 5k bike ride and 2.5k run along the coastline near Crosby Leisure Centre for what is the UK’s largest community triathlon event.  The day began at 1000 with the adult sections followed by the children with disabilities sections starting at 1115. The Intermediate, Junior and Mini-Tri sections started their race in the afternoon. The Mini-Tri, for 7 and 8 year olds, and Children with Disability completed the half distance race.

Over three thousand spectators were in full voice cheering the tri-athletes on around the course. Many raised money for charity and it is expected that over £50,000 will be raised. 

The event is named after John Hulley, who, along with two others, helped inspired Coubertin to create the International Olympic Committee in 1896. Hulley had created 7 Olympic Games, the first in Liverpool, in 1862

Tom Southern, Managing Director of Life Survival, said “It was a humbling experience to witness this event.  The joy in completing the race was evident in the adults face as much as it was in the children’s

“The distances are great for children, adults new to triathlons or people wanting to compete as a family. We have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in this tremendous event and we will definitely be supporting it next year.  We would like to congratulate the organisers, participants and the crowds for making it a truly remarkable day.” 

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