New Company Training launched at Knowsley Hall

The award-winning and elegant Knowsley Hall hosted the launch of a new and innovate corporate training designed by Life Survival on Thursday 13th January.

After 9 months of planning a group of former British military training instructors and UK Special Forces personnel delivered a series of tasks to a group of business leaders before assessing their approach using DISC Behavioural Profiling methods pioneered by psychologist William Moulton Marston.

Life Survival, a military-based adventure and training company, believes that its unique blend of experiential and translational learning programmes will enable participants to understand more about the way they approach challenges in a work place, and will reap a good return for company bosses investing in staff training.

Director Tom Southern explains “Our training programmes combine exciting and proven military leadership and team training with highly-effective, modern company training. We help develop staff to deal with the challenging current economic conditions and help the company grow. The foundations of our training are built on DISC Behavioural Profiling methods to enable our trainers to quickly understand the team’s strengths and challenges, from there we focus on developing knowledge, skills and attitudes so that individuals and teams see their full potential. Our creative and fully interactive programmes help good businesses to become extraordinary businesses.”

“What stands our training programmes above the rest is that our style of training shies away from the more traditional classroom based tuition, which research shows that only 8% of information is remembered after four weeks from passive listening. And whilst other military based company away days leave participants feeling a sense achievement and satisfaction our programmes go that extra mile to ensure there is a clear method to transfer the learning and knowledge gained into the workplace.

Knowsley Hall provides an ideal location with its extensive grounds, conference facilities and high quality service. The launch was attended by large national and local companies, education authorities and statutory authorities who were mentally tested through a series of command, problem solving and military team tasks.

Tom added: “Life Survival guarantees an effective programme that everyone will enjoy and benefit from. Whether the company is looking for an effective teambuilding programme, sales or management programme, or simply wants to organise an ‘away day’ to reward staff for their hard work, we will ensure that the company gets a good return on its training investment. Our mission statement is Discover, Develop, Enhance – and that’s just what we do.”

To discover how Life Survival can work for your workplace call Tom Southern on 07718926022, email or click here