Life Survival sponsor Forest striker

Life Survival has become the proud kit sponsor of Nottingham Forest’s newest striker Marcus Tudgay. Marcus joined Forest from Sheffield Wednesday where he scored 50 goals in just over 200 appearances and was their top-scorer last season.

Life Survival has enjoyed a long relationship with Nottingham Forest and uses its links to entertain former members of the British Forces at The City Ground games.

Life-changing course fights Mum's nightmare

Life Survival has helped a mum overcome the depression that followed the nightmare of seeing her eight-year-old collapse into a coma.

Deborah Smith, 47, from Cranfield says she has a new zest for living and has conquered the dark fears that haunted her after son, Jake, fell ill and was diagnosed with type one diabetes.

She said: "After watching Jake collapse on the football pitch one Sunday morning and ending up in a diabetic coma and him spending a week in hospital, my ‘normal’ life, which was looking pretty good at the time, crumbled before me, and there wasn’t much I could do about it.

“When I brought Jake home from hospital armed with needles, ketone sticks, blood testing kits, the knowledge that I had to become an overnight expert in a condition I had only ever heard of on the news was a pretty scary task in itself – without thinking about the added pressure of knowing my son’s health was solely in my hands from now on.

Feeling utterly depressed and rapidly losing all self confidence, Deborah was at an all time low, but knew she needed to snap out of it and somehow get on with her life.

While on the Internet she came across Life Survival, which employs former military instructors, including UK Special Forces who help develop knowledge, confidence and motivation within individuals.

Feeling lower than low, Deborah gave the Life Survival team a call and booked onto the exciting Survival Challenge. She then decided she would raise money to help the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

She explained: “I was truly nervous about signing up for the course, especially on my own, dreaded meeting all these new people and facing all these fresh challenges wondering how I’d cope out of my comfort zone. I needn’t have worried though as the Special Forces team made me feel completely at ease and somehow managed to bond the entire group within ten minutes. They motivated every last one of us to extend ourselves far beyond the norm, to look after our team members and not be mad when they weren’t the fastest or toughest but to be proud that the slowest had finished”

The survival course is a military based experience whereby participants are issued full military clothing and kit they will need for the weekend. During the event participants are taught numerous military and survival skills before putting their new found skills into practice during an exciting and realistic escape and evasion night mission.

Since completing the survival weekend, Deborah has put herself through even more of Life Survival’s events.

She added: “I combated fears and took on activities I would never have dreamed of. I met some inspirational people who were complete strangers on the Friday morning and turned into some of the best friends I have ever made by the Sunday evening- whilst raising £2,500 for the JDRF was also fantastic!”

“I now have a ‘can do’ attitude, and nothing will stand in my way. Whatever obstacles I will have to clamber over during my life will not deter me from being the bubbly, passionate and driven person I was before Jake’s diagnosis, and I look forward to waking up every morning instead of hoping the earth’s crust would come and swallow me up.”

Cancer Charity Call To Adventurous Fundraisers

The Aurora Centre is looking for people to sign up to a Special Forces Charity Survival Challenge to raise funds for people affected by cancer.

Based in Doncaster, the centre is hoping to recruit 40 adventurous people to take part in the exciting military challenge on either the weekend of the 25/26th June or the 6/7th August.

The Aurora Centre helps people affected by cancer to give the very best advice, information and holistic support to help people feel better about themselves and help overcome their illness.

During the weekend participants of the Charity Survival Challenge will be kitted out in full military clothing and equipment before getting to grips with navigation, survival, camouflage and concealment and fun military skills. The event is open to all ages and abilities and perfect for companies looking for temabuilding opportunities for staff.

Interest in this event is already high so signing up earlier is recommended. To sign up or for an information pack email or call 01302 381302.