02 Nov 2009

An event which allows people to get an intriguing insight into the world of espionage premiered for the first time at the Rushton Hall Hotel, Northamptonshire in October.

Guests booked into the luxurious hotel for the Double O Secret Agent experience, which trains guests in skills a real agent would be taught in the Secret Service. It promised to be an explosive, action packed day as this is the “the closest anyone will get to be the real 007” and it didn’t disappoint! One guest described the experience as an “intelligent, elegant and exciting”.

Life Survival, an adventure and challenge company that employs “retired” UK Special Forces and Security Service people, organise this glamorous event for people looking to escape and do something a little bit different.

“It has taken many months and considerable cost to perfect”, said Tina Harrison, Director of Life Survival, “but we are delighted with the results. Our greatest challenge was to create an event which suits all ages and abilities whilst giving everyone an active part in the experience.”

“Our guys have trained in this line of work for real and their work in the most challenging of environments allows us to provide the ultimate experience for our guests.”

“What we particularly like about this event is that partners can come along and enjoy the luxurious facilities on offer at the hotel. It’s very rare for a couple to go away and both do exactly what they want and this event fits the bill.”

Guests got to grips with skills such as anti-ambush driving skills, close quarter battle, weapons training and electronic surveillance.

Dave Williams, one of the agents, said “I didn’t know what to expect but the staff at Life Survival are brilliant. They never leave your side and put everyone at ease. It really gives you a tremendous insight into the world of spies. I haven’t stopped talking about since we got back.”

Mike from Northampton was also one of the first people to dip his toe in the water at Rushton Hall and was gushing with praise, “The Double O event gave me a fascinating insight into a shadowy world and added a much-enjoyed adrenalin rush. Fantastic teamwork. Many thanks.”


The Survival Challenge is designed to ensure all participants work in a controlled environment, which encourages team spirit, discovery of oneself, development of new skills and enhancement of life through building confidence by becoming a key member within the patrol.

Chris Maskew, who took part, said, “It was hard going but fascinating. If you would have told me what the weekend involved before I arrived I would have not thought I was capable, but it was amazing how quickly I settled into the challenge; it was like being at one with nature.”

“The night mission was fantastic and although we always knew we were safe we couldn’t help but get caught up in the realism of it all. Seeing the hunter force walking about with torches and being on guard with guns really kept the patrol on their toes.”

Since the event has been running it has inspired people to change their routine and daily lives to experience life in the great outdoors and look at life’s challenges differently. Already charities are contacting Life Survival to book their event next year.

Tom Southern, Director of Life Survival said “We have been delighted with the interest shown for the Charity Survival Challenge. Charities are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage with companies and individual supporters. What is particularly pleasing for us is seeing all the different ages, abilities and mind sets coming together and working as a team and it never ceases to amaze me the feedback we get from others.”